As we respond to external challenges and a new world of work, where work is no longer a place but what you do. Businesses are shifting their interactions with employees and customers to virtual domains.

Learn how you can use your existing investments in Microsoft 365 to secure your business where it needs it most. Being able to secure those vital interactions can help you maintain levels of service to customers and enable your people to stay productive.

At the same time, businesses need security solutions that are easy to use without complexity or costs.

Remote access challenges

  • Keeping up with the sheer volume of remote workers who need access to apps and info.
  • Our remote workers are scattered across the globe.
  • We need to provide access to vendors and third parties to get the work done.
  • We have mixed apps that include on-prem and cloud resources to which it is currently difficult for us to provide consistent access.
  • We are worried about VPN scalability.

Device management challenges

  • All of our workers are remote, which makes managing their devices a challenge.
  • We expect that some people will be using their own devices to get work done.
  • We need to get new devices quickly provisioned and shipped to our remote workers.
  • We’re struggling with managing the device lifecycle remotely.

Protection challenges

  • We are worried about our data now that everyone is working remotely.
  • New cybersecurity threats are rapidly increasing due to the remote work situation – especially phishing.
  • Risk of confidential information getting leaked out of the company.
  • We don’t have a handle on all of the cloud resource usage

At Cacti Africa, our support teams have adjusted to support new ways of working. We have the technical expertise to enable you to work from home – work from anywhere – work anytime.